Who Is Jesus?

Many different people and worldviews have varying ideas and viewpoints as to who Jesus is. Let's take a dive into Jesus' true identity according to the Bible and talk about what it means for us today.

What Is Repentance According to the Bible?

Repentance is one of the most important concepts to understand when it comes to the Christian faith, yet is rarely talked about. What gives?

My King and My God

The way we treat God in our lives often comes down to how we view Him. Is He merely an accessory that we put on and take off when it's convenient? Or is He our King and our God?

Top 5 Verses You Might Be Taking Out of Context

One of the dangers of studying the Bible is the potential of taking verses out of context. Here are 5 verses that you might be taking out of context in your own studies.

3 People That Are Lying to You

Deception is something that we as Christians must fight against to the best of our ability. Here are three sources of deception that you should combat in your own life.

3 Ways to Increase Your Faith

Faith is of the utmost importance as a Christian trying to live a life pleasing to God. Here are 3 ways that you can increase your faith starting today.