The Story Behind Unroll the Scrolls

We live in a world that is desperate for truth. In an age where lies and agendas are more common than drunk uncles at family reunions, we need to be able to read, study, and understand the Bible now more than ever. Unroll the Scrolls is a project that was created for just that purpose. The idea is to ‘unroll the scrolls’ of God’s Word together so that we can all understand who God is, who we are, and what the purpose of life is for now and eternity. Regardless of who you are or what your experiences of the Bible, God, or Christianity have been, I hope you join me in this journey of finding truth in the One who created it.

About Me

Hey guys! I’m Zach, a writer, Bible geek, and husband to my lovely wife Melissa.

I created Unroll the Scrolls to demystify the studying of the Bible and make it accessible for every person, despite age or experience. I love books, movies, and gaming, and I have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Liberty University.


Zach Heffner